Whitening teeth :What expert recommends

It is very difficult to keep  whitening teeth and cleaning between fast food and beverage .That’s the reason our teeth is stained in so many ways. Some tips from top dentists to share their advice for whitening your teeth without having to sit in their chair.One can do it at home-

  • Dr Mervyn Druian, from The London Centre for Cosmetic Dentistry says- “Strawberries contain malic acid, which is a natural tooth whitener.”
    However, he also warned not to keep strawberries on teeth for so long as the fruit acid will attack the enamel.
  • Dr Peta Leigh from Elleven Dental says- Apple is called“nature’s toothbrush” , it will be best choice of cleaning teeth on the go.whitening teeth
    There are also some food known as “detergent” foods.Such as- raw carrots, celery and popcorn .Because the rough edges works as a cleaner to remove bacteria from the teeth. In fact ,foods that are firm or crisp are known to help clean teeth when they’re eaten. Keep this foods in meal chart as an option , if you know you won’t be able to brush your teeth right after eating.
  • Dr Marques suggests using warm salt water to cleanse . This would helps ywhitening teeth our teeth naturally to look white and take care of your gums.
  •  According to Dr Uchenna Okoye, Oral-B ambassador and dental expert on Channel 4’s 10 Years Younger forbid to dark foods and carbonated drinks.



  • Wimpole St Dental’s Dr Richard Marques suggests to-“Eat white foods: the whiter the foods you eat, the whiter your teeth will be.” He also advised to-“Eat chicken, rice and fish. Avoid colored foods such as beetroot, blueberries and Chinese/Indian takeaway (which has lots of turmeric or food colourings).”
  • Dr Leigh recommends- “Chewing gum is also very beneficial when it comes to maintaining a white smile.It helps to clean teeth mechanically by removing debris, and stimulates production of saliva, which increases the potentiality of saliva to balance acid and impregnate enamel, which ultimately helps strengthening teeth.”

He also suggested to-“ choose a sugar-free gum and it would be even better if it has whitening properties!”

  • Dr Marques says- “bicarbonate soda is a natural teeth whitener which in many toothpastes. Try to ¼ teaspoon of baking soda to blend in water .Put mixer into toothbrush and apply it on teeth . Another way is to mix the bicarbonate soda into a low price toothpaste. It will even make look teeth gradually whiter over time.”
  • Dr Marques also adviced to use electric toothbrush. He says-“This kind of toothbrushes can clean up to 70% more than manual brushes do. They also remove more stains by vibrating or rotating more effectively.”
  • Dr Leigh suggests to drink a glass of water after every meal .He says-“Water acts as a natural cleaner and has the power to wash away bacteria and residue left on the teeth after eating.”
  • “This may come as a surprise to many, but cheese is also known for helping to maintain healthy white teeth,” adds Dr Leigh.
    ONeill also says –“cheese increases saliva, which neutralises acid”.whitening teeth

It’s true that cheese is very fattening, but it’s speeds of the neutralisation of acid and remineralisation of enamel less damage to our enamel equals fewer discolorations. Besides , cheese is also high in calcium, which is known for strengthening bones and teeth. For a healthier alternative, milk and yogurt act in the same way as the cheese.’

  • Dr Marques recommended to- “oil pulling method by using coconut oil as a mouth rinser. The longer the better, 15 minutes is the ideal time for cleansing by applying 15 ml of coconut oil and swallowing in the mouth.”whitening teeth
  •  “Flossing removes pigments among teeth mostly , helps to make your smile look whiter at once . Take an attempt to floss twice a week as this will not only improve the health of your gums, you will also notice your smile looking brighter,” recommends Dr Leigh.

If you’re looking for buying whitening strips at the drugstore, you have to be wallet-friendly. Kits range will be about $30 to $65. But whitening mouthwashes, on the other hand, probably won’t do much. Besides whitening toothpastes are designed to remove stains on your teeth, not to make them whiter.These products only can help you maintain the color,if you’ve already whitened it.Be sure to choose one with fluoride.