The Time Is Running Out! Think About These 40 Ways To Improve Stress

stress improve

Stress is a condition of mental health where too much pressure is going on from different  aspect and one is too weary to cope up with these.

In todays busy life, Stress is a common thing.It can be come from your work schedule ,behavior of irritating people from family and friends ,noises environment,fail to achieve etc.

Here a statistics shows about how much stress people pass in his life.

If one can cope up with stress,it would be good for him.But if not,then stress can cause various problem to health.Long term stress makes a man mental,bi-polar,maniac.It can also makes a man weary with health deterioration .Which would effect at everything .Here is another statistics showing the main resource of stress.stress-causes

How it produce  in inner neuron

Earlier we knew that stress only happens in head and causes damage only neurons.Where as the truth is ,scientists inclined nowadays as “our gut is the second brain”.It consists of 200-600 million neurons and has a strong connection between brain and other parts of body. They are also main participants of playing a critical role in our mental and emotional well-being. The longest nerve of the brain is called the vagus which is made of  one pair of 12 pairs of nerves that run from the brain. It functions 90% of the fibres in the vagus from the brainstem to the belly and reaches the heart as well as the abdomen to the brain organs along the way.

The  complicated  bended tissues lines with the gastrointestinal area. With enegy like that, it’s not overwhelmingly  that the belly  does so much more than dealing with food and the tangled parts of being human.

Another research, published in the journal, Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience-

“Depression is widely attributed to a drop in serotonin, a neurotransmitter that is responsible for mood. What’s extraordinary is that only 5% of the body’s serotonin is stored in the brain. While 95% of the body’s serotonin is accumulated  in the belly. “

It’s not surprising then, that the most commonly used antidepressants that work on changing serotonin levels often come with a side of gastrointestinal issues.”

Gut performs a critical role between  mental and emotional running by delivering  information to the brain and directly impacting things like feelings of  decision-making, learning ,sadness, anxiety and stress, as well as memory. The brain in our gut as we know it is not capable of thought, but it interact back and forth with our main brain.

Anxiety, stress and depression often brings unhappy bellies with them, by way of irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, diarrhea, bloating and pain., doctors thought that stress, anxiety and depression were the cause, For decades.But now it seems actually the other way around. Exasperation in the gastrointestinal system send signals to  brain which provokes mood changes.Sometimes  probiotics works to ease the mood of anxiety and depression.

How stress can be cured/Prevented

Stress is a normal fact to come in life.How it has to face or prevented can be shown in two ways:

  • Taking Pre/Pro biotics

Pre-biotics are not similar to pro-biotics .But we need both for strong physical and mental health. Both helps to grow healthy bacteria in the gut, but they functions  in different method.Repeated  chronic stress creates unusual negative disruptions,like – sleep/wake cycle and gut microbial imbalance. Diets rich in prebiotics and glycoproteins crashes the gut microbiota and may swell gut microbial species that lessens the impact of stress.

Probiotics are living good bacteria that are found in fermented/cultured foods including yoghurt, kombucha , miso and sauerkraut.

Prebiotics are food for probiotics. They are ingredients of the non-living that feed the good bacteria and help them to flourish. Prebiotics are found in non-digestible plant fibres such as asparagus and oats legumes,chicory, Jerusalem artichokes , leeks, onions, , garlic.

  • Make it work:

For relieving mental stress you need to find way out.Here are some suggestions given below

  • Keep indulge your hands in Knitting, Sculpting. Baking.
  • Read past emails/postcards/letters etc. from friends and family reminding you of happier times.
  • Turn off the lights, sit down, stare into space and do absolutely nothing.
  • Read a story (or stories) of people who overcame adversity or maybe dealt with mental illness, too. (I personally admire Buzz Aldrin story.This man was able to step on the moon, but he couldn’t hide from depression.)
  • Lower and soften your expectations of yourself and others.
  • Take five minutes to meditate  yoga everyday.Just inhale-exhale process.
  • Try to sleep for  7-9 hours in ordet to rest yourself .
  • Eaten something healthy and nourishing.Plus,eat your favorite, most comforting foods.
  • Have enough water to hydrate yourself.
  • Breath slowly but deeply with 8 counts in. 10 counts out.It will help to calm your nerves.
  • You  can read some poetry. Rumi, Hafiz, Mary Oliver are all excellent.
  • Listen to a playlist of songs which  you liked most.
  • Cuddle someone or something. Your partner. A pillow. Your friend’s dog.
  • You can call someone whom you can say anything without any hesitant .The person can be your friend or family member or acquaintance .
  • Let your emotion flow .Have a body-shaking cry.It’s okay to have emotion and to let go by crying will help you to reduce stress. Shout, punch pillows, shred paper, vibrate body to move the vivacity  out.
  • Read some inspirational quotes. Or watch at some really gorgeous pieces of art.
  • Avoid over chores,obligations, or anything that pulls hard for sometimes.It would give you some times for self-care.
  •  Watch some  funny /comforting/silly/ /lighthearted TV show or movie. (“Pink Panthr”something like that).
  • Take a Take a long, hot bath Shower, light a candle and pamper yourself. Then brittle hair and wear that  clothes that makes you feel comfy.
  • Pull up yourself into bed early with a good book and clean sheets.
  • Wrap yourself up in a cozy fleece blanket and sip a cup of hot tea.
  • Delete or deactivate social media if it feels too engendering  right now. Take a tech breakOr maybe get on tech. Even interacting with friends and family online might feel good as well as refresh .
  • Try to differentiate about immediate priority.It’s really important what should come first when need to complete several task at a time .
  • Sometimes arranged neatly can help calm minds. Try to clean up a corner of a room of your house.
  • Lay down for sometime on the ground. Think as the earth/floor is holding  you.
  • Make weary yourself physically by – running, swimming ,yoga,whatever ables you to feel drained .
  • Make art. Scribble with crayons. Splash some watercolors. Paint a rock. Whatever. Just create something
  • Go outside and be in the sunshine. Get up early and watch a sunrise.
  • Go outside and set up a chair and watch the sunset.
  • Go out in public and be around others. You don’t have to engage. But maybe sitting in a coffee shop or on a bench at a museum ,you may allow the humanity around you.
  • Go to the ocean.  It soaks up the negative energy
  • Go to the mountains. Try to absorb the strength and security of them.
  • Go to the forest. You will feel amaze among the sanctuary , life and blessedness of the trees.
  • Spend a little money and treat yourself to some self-care and comfort. Maybe take a taxi versus the bus. Order  your luncheon instead of cooking. Buy some flowers that delight you
  • Go to any church or spiritual community service. Sits among others and absorb any guidance or grace that feels good to you. Listen to , singing Tibetan bowlsor monks chanting which would  help to soothe your mind.
  • Volunteer at a local shelter or hospital or nursing home. Help others who may also passing same hard time.
  • Book a session with your therapist.
  • If you suspect something may be physiologically off with you, go see your doctor and/or psychiatrist and talk to them.Take a mental health day.

Remember only you can overcome your stress ,others only can help you.