Natural Skin Treatments : Summer Weather Woes

natural skin treatment Summer’s attractive sunshine, soft breezes, and blooming flowers will cause you to need to linger outside for hours, however all the time outdoors can even create summer a bummer for your skin. Remedies for bug bites, sunburn, heat rashes, and different common summer ailments square measure a dime at dozen at the pharmacy, however most square measure laced chemically and preservatives. Remember, your skin is your largest organ and it absorbs no matter you set thereon. Most holistic specialists agree – don’t rub into your skin what you wouldn’t be willing to eat! the nice news is there square measure lots of holistic ingredients which will effectively treat common summer skin ailments.

Aloe Vera Gel

How it treats: Sunburn

The gel of Associate in Nursing aloe plant is soothing and funky, creating it a natural burn remedy. To treat a sunburn, merely slit a leaf of the plant the good distance and gently apply the leaf’s juice on to your burned skin. Repeat the appliance many times daily till your sunburn is a smaller amount painful and stops peeling.

Crushed Basil

What it treats: Bug bites

Basil could be a natural supply of each natural resin and thymic acid, compounds that facilitate relieve skin sensation and irritation. purchase a bundle of basil leaves at the farmers market so use a mortar and pestle (or your food processor!) to crush them into a fine paste so rub directly onto fretful bites. No recent leaves available? Basil volatile oil will work.

Baking Soda Paste

What it treats: Poison English ivy

Baking soda could be a natural soother for the fretful, inflamed skin that comes with a poison English ivy rash. combine 2 tablespoons of saleratus with 2 teaspoons of water and stir till you get a thick paste. unfold the paste directly on your rash, wait a number of moments, then rinse it off with cool water. confusion a brand new paste and apply it 2 or thrice daily till the rash improves.

Oatmeal tub

What it treats: rash Heat

rashes square measure seldom serious, however they’ll be seriously uncomfortable. Your mother might have told you to not play together with your food, however victimisation oatmeal at tub time will quickly clear up a nasty rash. First, soak a cup or 2 of fast or meal in cool water for Associate in Nursing hour or 2. Then run a shallow tub with lukewarm water. Add the soaked oats, massage gently onto your rash, and launder utterly.


What it treats: Bee stings

Bee stings square measure a pain – virtually. A injured space will intumesce, turn red, and stay uncomfortable for many days if left untreated, therefore take away the stinger and clean the world as before long as doable. Then return to the supply by applying alittle quantity of honey directly over the sting. Bees might have some irritating compounds in their stingers, however the honey they turn out could be a nice natural treatment as a result of its bactericide properties.